Top 10 of 2016 – 6 See Through Heart by Amie Knight 

Number 6 goes to an incredible debut author. See Through Heart is one of the most painfully beautiful love stories of the year.

Title: See Through Heart

Author: Amie Knight

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary
Release Date: 04 November 2016
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ / 5
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Ainsley came into my life in a flurry of vibrant colors, lighting my world up when all seemed lost.
It wasn’t our quiet nights by the creek or stolen kisses surrounded by a sea of cotton that saved me.

It was her.

She was my comfort when life threw one ugly tragedy after another at me.

Until she dealt me the greatest blow.

Now, abandonment, betrayal, and death darken every corner of my life. Anger and hurt burn bright where love and trust once lived.
But, now, she’s back. Sure, she’s changed, but I see through it—straight to her heart.

Why is it a top book of 2016?

See Through Heart is one the greatest debut novels I have ever read. This book will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that you will want to ride a second time as soon as the ride comes to an end.


I saw the cover for See Through Heart on Facebook and it was so pretty. I clicked on the buy link and saw I could get it on KU…Score! (I went back and bought a copy after I loved it so much like good indie readers should.) I had no clue who the author was. I didn’t read the synopsis. I didn’t look at the reviews. I just knew I wanted to read this book with the great title and beautiful cover. And I have never been so thrilled to blindly select a book.

I fell in love. I was broken by the loss of someone I cared deeply for. I lost love. I ran away and then returned to a home that didn’t quite welcome me. And best of all, I found myself again and healed my heart. See Through Heart is a story that will take you on a beautifully emotional journey that will stay in your heart. If this book does not touch you and change you, I don’t know what will.
All the more impressive is this was Amie’s debut novel. I was greedy and wanted more from her and then I realized there isn’t more yet. I was so shocked that this was her first book. If City and Book formally awarded a debut author, See Through Heart would win it all day. See Through Heart is this blog’s pick for breakout Indie novel of 2016. You will not regret picking this title up.

I really love the plot of See Through Heart. We get to watch a love between the two lead characters develop over 15 years. It’s so beautiful and so real but also really painful. It feels very real and there are moments so touching and so raw that I think almost any reader can relate to.
In addition to being a great love story, there’s important parts of the plot that deal with family bonds, the strains that loved ones with issues we can’t fix cause and loss. A vital part of the female lead’s story is the grieving loss and how you do that. Sometimes you don’t pick the perfect path and you have to handle the direction taken.

This story feels relate able and yet feels fresh at the same time. It isn’t the traditional boy and girl fall in love, overcome some cliche problem and ride off into the sunset. But you will get a beautiful, sometimes painful, love story.


I love Amie’s characters. Ainsley is the female lead with Adrian acting as her male lead. We see both characters from a young age and get all these great peaks into them as they grow together and as individuals. Both have their fair share of baggage they develop but their love is a constant throughout the novel, weather it be on the love end or the hate end.

Ainsley and Adrian both have artistic souls and they share some special bonds via their music and art. Both are really well rounded and full of life. They aren’t one dimensional, plain characters. Amie built very strong personalities for both her leads and you can’t help but feel both of their stories.
Just as important as the leads, Amie created a powerful cast of secondary characters. Ainsley’s mother plays a large role in the story line and a great mature backbone for the story. Ainsley’s best girlfriends, Miranda and Kelly, are gems. Both are wonderful plays off of Ainsley’s character. And most importantly is Ainsley’s cousin Loralie, or Lori as she’s called for short. Lori lives with Ainsley and her mother from a young age and the pair have an incredible bond. Until Lori turns to drugs and alcohol to help control her own inner demons.

Lori is the connector piece between so many of the relationships in the book and while I don’t want to spoil the plot, she holds the power to break everyone or bring them back together. She brings a grit and a harsh reality to the book that I’ve never felt in another book, even one that attempted to address a very real world problem.


See Through Heart has all the feels. You will go through just about every emotion and oddly enjoy them all after the book is done. Don’t get me wrong you will be angry. You will cry…Maybe even a little ugly cry. Your heart will break several times. But you will also laugh. You’ll fall in love. You’ll find hope again. You’ll love and you’ll love big.
What I appreciated the most was that Amie was able to create this whole run of emotions without completely gutting the reader. There are scenes where you will hurt but it all feels meaningful. You can understand why she’s made those decisions vs sometimes an author just guts a reader for shock value. This novel actually takes you on a journey and you get to feel and grow with the characters.
See Through Heart was one of my favorite books this year and I would highly recommend that any romance reader pick this title up and let it move you.

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