Deal of the Day – The Aria Fae Seris by H.D. Gordon

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Haunted Hero, H.D. Gordon has placed the Aria Fae Series on sale! These are an Amazon exclusive since they are available on Kindle Unlimited.

Looks like the sale will be good through 9/22. There’s a countdown clock by the one clicks so make sure you look at the time! 
Book One – The Halfling


What do you get when you take a highly trained Halfling teenager and throw her into the concrete jungle of Grant City?

One badass vigilante, of course!

17-year-old Aria Fae is no stranger to danger. She’s super fast, incredibly strong, and on her own for the first time ever.

Throw in a brand new best friend who’s a computer genius, a mysterious and super-fly older neighbor, and a drug that’s turning people into maniacs, and you’ve got the potion for trouble.

Will Aria risk everything to keep the streets of Grant City safe, or will the beasts of the jungle make her their next meal?
Book Two – The Masked Maiden


When she decided to become a vigilante, no one told 17-year-old Aria Fae about the possibility of public backlash, or the attention the media would garner by dubbing her The Masked Maiden of Grant City.

On top of this added heat, a rogue supernatural known as The Scarecrow has escaped his prison, and his history with Aria makes her the crazed warlock’s obvious target. Now, she must face her past and defeat The Scarecrow once and for all, or die trying.

When things reach their worst, will The Masked Maiden be the hero Grant City needs, or the villain they’ve made her out to be?
Book Three – The Blue Beast


As an ex-operative of a secret supernatural organization, and The Masked Maiden of Grant City, Aria Fae has seen some strange things, but nothing could prepare her for what’s coming next.

A beast has been set loose and is terrorizing the streets of Grant City. He’s enormous, bulging with muscles, and programmed for destruction. The police can’t stop him, and the mayor can’t catch him, so it’s up to Aria to do the deed.

But not all is as it seems, and containing The Blue Beast will test not only the skills of The Masked Maiden but also the strength of the girl beneath the mask.
Book Four – The Haunted Hero 

Releasing on 27 September 2016


Mass power outages cast Grant City into darkness, cutting off cell service, Internet access, and basic amenities. The people are afraid, and in their panic they turn to their resident hero, The Masked Maiden.

As Grant City’s masked vigilante, 18-year-old Aria Fae has faced her share of super villains, from a Werewolf to a mad magic user and a big blue beast. She’s a trained fighter, an ex-operative of a supernatural organization dedicated to maintaining peace. So she should be able to handle anything… Right?

With the darkness that falls, Aria is about to face a new kind of threat, and dissolving it will prove to be the toughest of the tasks yet. 

How far will she go to save the city, and what will be left of her if she does?
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