Top 10 of 2015 -#9 The Reeducation of Savannah McGuire by Heidi McLaughlin

City and Book’s #9 book of the year is The Reeducation of Savannah McGuire by Heidi McLaughlin

 Quick Guide

Author: Heidi McLaughlin

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary

Release Date: 07.21.15

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

Why is it a top 10 book of 2015?

It’s hard to refresh the friends to lovers story but McLaughlin puts a magical spin on the classic that will have you cheering for Savannah and Tyler. It’s a beautiful coming of age story with characters you will want to rally for.


Tyler King never forgot the blue-eyed, pig-tailed girl that lived on the ranch next door. So when he hears that she’s coming back for the summer, he can’t wait to reminisce about the good ole days. He soon finds out life in the Big City means a life with big ambitions and Tyler soon learns that Savannah has left the memories of small town living long behind her.

Savannah McGuire never thought she’d return to the ranch she once called home. Now she’s back and trying not to become attached to everything she’s missed by growing up in New York City. Determined to hate her surroundings, Tyler works to remind her of everything’s she’s missed. With her future planned out and a trip to Paris imminent, falling in love with Tyler King was the last thing she expected.


I first fell in love with Savannah and Tyler when this novel was merely a short story in an anthology. I’d never heard of McLaughlin but that small taste made me a huge fan and I was thrilled to learn this story had become an expanded novel.

McLaughlin took a classic story line and created magic. You quickly fall in love with both lead characters. Savannah is a bit of a lost soul covering her pain with big city sass. Tyler is the sweet country boy who had his heart broken when Savannah swept away to another life. Now the two have been reunited and have so much to teach one another. They are both so relate-able and sweet. And you have wonderful support characters.

The writing is beautiful while the plot line is a little unexpected from McLaughlin. She’s more well known for her alpha male leads vs a sweet cowboy but it works at every single turn. You will share in an emotional ride with these two as they embrace their roles in one another’s lives and grow in their own rights.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves skilled writing, an inviting story line and a classic love story with a twist.

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