Top 10 of 2015 – #8 Blood and Bone by Tara Brown

City and Book’s #8 book of the year is Blood and Bone by Tara Brown

Quick Guide

Author: Tara Brown

Series: Blood and Bone (Book 1)

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Dark Romance

Release Date: 04.28.15

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ .5  /5

Why is it a top 10 book of 2015?

No top 10 is complete without Tara Brown. Of all her work this year, the Blood and Bone series pushes the limits of dark mystery. This is a book that messes with your mind in the coolest possible way. You spend the entire book piecing the truth together and in the end…You still wonder “What the heck just happened?”


What would you do if your life was a lie—and everyone knew but you?

Jane has come a long way from the dark days of the horrific car accident that robbed her of many memories. Living the life of a shopgirl with a charming boyfriend—a handsome, green-eyed doctor named Derek—is so satisfying that she doesn’t want to revisit her past.

But the past insists on revisiting Jane. People keep thinking she’s Samantha, a dead girl who looks exactly like her. Now, Jane is determined to discover her connection to the girl, leading her to question everything from her relationship with Derek to her own sanity. Should she believe Rory, the man who insists she actually is Samantha? Or should she depend on Derek, who offers her love and shelter…but who may have other reasons for keeping her under wraps? Who is telling her the truth—and what are the others hiding?


Call me sick and twisted but I love anything dark by Tara Brown. Blood and Bone did not disappoint my expectation level for a dark thriller.

If you’re like me you will spend the first 25% of the book wondering what the heck is happening, the middle 50% piecing all the characters and details together as if you’re a detective, and the last 25% thinking *maybe* you know what is happening only to have the rug pulled out from under you. You are left asking yourself “What just happened?” in the best possible way and hungry for answers in the next book.

As always Brown’s characters draw you in and you crave more information about their story. Her writing is magnificent and the book was well edited. I finished Blood and Bone and could not wait for the next book. Lucky for all of you new to Blood and Bone, the series is now complete!

If you enjoy a novel with a dark edge that will keep you guessing with every turn of the page…this is a book and series for you!

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