Top 10 of 2015 – #6 Embracing Everly by Kelly Mooney

City and Book’s #6 book of the year is Embracing Everly by Kelly Mooney

Quick Guide

Author: Kelly Mooney

Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Coming of Age

Release Date: 03.15.15

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ .5   /5

Why is it a top 10 book of 2015?

Embracing Everly is a beautifully crafted romance with characters you can’t help but root for. Love is never off-limits. It’s a wonderful introduction to Mooney’s writing style. 


*Intended for 17 years of age and up*

When Mick O’Malley left Boston and casted aside his family with IRA ties, he never imagined finding solace within a club of Bounty Hunters. At 25 years old, he’d given up on love and trust and counted on only one person to get him through life—himself. When Mick finds himself doing a protection gig as a favor to his new mentor, he finds the one girl who can alter his out of whack views.

But he’s there to do a job, not fall in love with a girl who is off-limits. Mick was committed to protecting Everly and not failing his boss for a second time. But what’s the harm in one kiss? One time? One night?

Everly Moore was ready for her “real life” to begin. She had a lifelong dream of moving to New York to write music professionally. She didn’t realize the danger her father’s job had placed on her, or the fact that her new sexy and confident neighbor Mick O’Malley was sent there to protect her.

Mick knows how lies and secrets can destroy trust. Hell, he’s lived with those his whole life, but when those secrets are meant to protect her, he has no choice but to continue the deception.

When his secrets and lies are revealed, will it be too late to save Everly or will their need for one another beat the odds?


(Don’t make fun! This is from the early days!)


This was the first book I read by Kelly Mooney and I was pleased with the quality and have enjoyed so many of her books since.

Embracing Everly centers on the two main pov characters, Everly and Mick. Everly is a student in her final semester of college and a singer/songwriter and Mick is a bounty hunter. They are brought together when Mick is assigned to watch over Everly without her knowledge. Her father is an undercover DEA agent and calls an old friend, Dawson, for help in protecting Everly while he’s undercover. Mick, or Irish as he’s called by the other bounty hunters, is assigned to the job by his boss, Dawson.

Mick was never supposed to make contact with Everly. He was merely to observe and report back to Dawson. He was only to get involved if her safety depended on it. But Mick is so drawn to Everly’s beauty and her lovely singing. He opens up to her and develops a friendship with her despite his typical man whoring ways.

Everly is quite taken with Mick and when she breaks up with her lousy boyfriend, she wants to take things further with Mick. Against the odds, hey end up falling for each other. It doesn’t come without hardship though. These two are hot and steamy and then not speaking. They are passionate at both ends of the spectrum.

The pair are thrown multiple curveballs of varying degrees. Everly faces a lot of danger from her ex boyfriend and the men her father is trying to take down for the DEA. There is a lot of dramatic situations that Everly and Mick have to face, both on their own and as a pair.

I enjoyed Embracing Everly. I like Kelly Mooney’s writing style. There was a good flow between the character pov switch offs. The plot was good. At times, I felt it may be a little over complicated. But overall, there was something for any reader. It had some mystery, multiple sub story lines at play, sexy scenes, love driven scenes, as well as elements of action and violence. There are some pretty issues that get brought into play over the course of the plot.

The only reason I gave 4.5 stars was due to character development. I really  enjoy when a character shares more emotion and internal dialogue in their pov. A lot of key points, such as Mick’s emotions about his family, were introduced as existing but then kind of glazed over. It was enough information to know he had issues but no deeper delve into that part of him. I still enjoyed the story and I would definitely read more from Kelly but I do wish the characters were more full and robust emotionally.

Ultimately, it was a very nicely written and edited good girl saves bad boy story. I’d recommend picking it up or looking at Kelly Mooney’s other novels.

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