Weekly Review ~ Seduce by Jennifer Snyder 

“While I may have a curse to be slutty holding me down for the rest of my life, I could at least turn it into a mission in my mind, something to take away the dirtiness of it and bring it into the light of good.”


I must preface this review by saying the Succubus Kiss series has a special place in my reading heart. The prequel to this series Kiss of Awakening was featured in a collection last fall and it was my first experience with Jennifer Snyder’s work. I have since become a huge fan and have been devouring her books. 

Seduce is book one in Jenn’s Succubus Kiss series. It is a paranormal romance with a definite new adult edge. The series centers around Kenna Blake, a succubus with a conscience and the adventure of exploring life as a supernatural. Seduce can be read without any background but I would highly recommend reading Kiss of Awakening to learn how Kenna becomes a succubus and learn more about her character’s background. Bonus The prequel is currently free on Amazon! 

Seduce provides a very interesting twist on the typical paranormal storyline. Kenna is a reluctant supernatural who isn’t comfortable with the behavior of her kind. Most succubi just feed without much thought or care. They enjoy the thrill of the experience. Kenna has managed to find a balance between keeping herself alive and also remaining true to her moral compass. She keeps very specific guidelines for who she will feed on and hopes to make men better people by removing their worst qualities when she does feed. It’s really a neat take on a succubus. 

In addition to dealing with being a succubus, Kenna is also struggling with the same things a lot of young women are…trying to find a boyfriend, working to support herself while she tries to start her own design business and balancing friendships and a very strained relationship with her mother. You really end up wanting to be best friends with Kenna and hang out on Friday nights because she is so relatable despite being supernatural. 

Seduce introduces several characters who are part of Kenna’s adventure. Sage, a slightly conceded but lovable vampire, is a coworker and close friend of Kenna. Dex, a goofy but sexy werewolf, is also friends with the girls. And the extremely interesting Randal Vincient, who has ties to Sage. Randal is an ancient vampire whom Dracula is based on. He’s pretty much a rockstar in the supernatural world. 

This part of the series really focuses on reintroducing you to Kenna and her lifestyle. You also get to see Sage and Dex interact with her as their friendships grow and evolve. Kenna is working, getting new design jobs, and spending time with her friends. She also meets the elusive Randal and he becomes an interesting possibility for love. However, Kenna’s hopeful perspective is stolen away when she is attacked by another supernatural being that brings up memories of the past for Randal. When Randal walks away, Sage and Dex step up to stand by Kenna’s side. There is a big cliffhanger to keep you in suspense until book two.

I really enjoy the writing style of Seduce. It’s an easy but entertaining read. Jenn creates a very interesting plot line that has amazing character development and plenty of twists to keep it interesting. But she doesn’t overly complicate the story where you have a lot to keep up with. Some stories get so complex that you constantly feel the need to go back and fact check. Jenn has found a wonderful balance of enough details to keep you deep in the story without drowning in it. 

Seduce is a 5 star read. I highly recommend this book for anyone who a paranormal romance fan. Even if you generally don’t like the paranormal, this could still be a good read for you. The characters are really well rounded and you will relate to them on levels beyond their supernatural status. 

Seduce is currently available on Amazon for $2.99

Kiss of Awakening is currently free on Amazon

Check out Jenn’s website, find her on Facebook and you can follow her on Twitter

There’s also a great contest over on Jenn’s GoodReads page for a signed copy of Seduce. The contest is open until April 7th. 

Finally…Book two has a planned release date in May!   


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